Thursday, July 24, 2014

Job Opening

Holy Cross Parish, Bay Settlement, seeks a part-time food service manager at Holy Cross Catholic School.  The ideal candidate will be expected to plan monthly menus, prepare and serve daily lunch to pre-K - 8th grade students and staff, order food and supplies, and supervise kitchen staff and volunteers. Certification in food service & safety required; knowledge of WI DPI standards helpful; and at least 2 years experience cooking for large groups required. If qualified, please send a cover letter & resume to by July 31.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Save the date for the Green Bay Youth Conference featuring Chris Stefanick!

Chris Stefanick is an internationally known speaker and author. Holy Cross Parish will be using his DVD series, The Chosen, as a part of next year's confirmation class. The Green Bay Youth Conference is a rare opportunity for teens to connect with a dynamic speaker and to hear a life-changing message. Please save the date and encourage your teen to attend! Watch for more information in the coming months. Learn more about Chris Stefanick at:

Parish News & Notes ... July 6, 2014

Parish News & Notes … July 6, 2014

We warmly welcome the following new parishioners to the Holy Cross Parish Family:  Taylor Steffel & Samantha Mercier; Joseph, MaryAnn, Meghan, Katharine, & Shawn McNamara; and Steven & Judy Henry.  It is our hope that you enjoy worshiping with us and will become more fully involved in the activities of the parish.

Our parish picnic last weekend was a huge success!.  While not all income and expenses have been accounted for, we expect to net approximately $25,000.  A huge thank you to all who participated in any way—volunteering or attending.  It was a success because of your generosity!  Watch for future updates.

We hope that you are enjoying a nice long 4th of July holiday weekend!  As we hear in the Gospel this weekend—and in the picture on the left—God invites you to come to Him with your labors and burdens and He will give you rest.  Take some time to reflect on the freedoms we have in this country because of those who have fought for that freedom.  Can you ease someone's burden this week? 

The parish’s fiscal year ended on June 30.  Sacrificial giving was down more than $6,800 for the year, and we are $8,793 short of our 2014 Bishop’s appeal goal.  We appreciate the sacrifices each family makes to support our parish and the Diocese.  We cannot function without your financial support.  We are so grateful to those who contributed to the parish in any way this past year.  Through your generosity, we were able to finalize putting the new roof on the church, repair a large section of the school roof, and put a new roof on the rectory and garage.  These were some of the larger projects we were able to accomplish with your help.  If it is within your means, please consider increasing your donation for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

We would like to expand our RCIA program to offer a team-teaching approach.  If you are interested in sharing your Catholic faith with those seeking to come into the Catholic church, please contact Lori in the parish office at 468-0595.  The Diocese offers training sessions throughout the year to enrich and help you in this very important ministry, and the parish purchased some wonderful materials as well.

Just a reminder that Fr. Weber will be on vacation from July 21-August 12 and Lori will be on vacation from July 21-25.  The parish office will be closed the week of July 21.  There will be no daily Mass during the time Father is away.  We are grateful to the Norbertines who will be celebrating the weekend liturgies with us. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Parish News & Notes ... June 22, 2014

We goofed!  The annual Diocesan collection for Our Own Needs was supposed to be held the weekend of June 8, and we missed it!  The envelopes are in the pews this weekend for your donations, and we ask that you please give generously through donation and prayer so that the Church can continue its important work here in the diocese and throughout the country.  The four beneficiaries of this collection are:

Catholic University of America – The Catholic University of America is the national University of the Catholic Church in the United States, located in Washington, D.C.  It provides an academically rigorous education guided by the Catholic intellectual tradition to nearly 7,000 students every year.  More than 4,000 students directly receive scholarship aid from this Collection, including many from our diocese.

Catholic Communications Campaign – The Collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign provides grants to Catholic organizations that will share the Catholic experience of faith, worship, & witness through social media sites, Internet, television, radio and print media.  Your generosity is a direct act of witness in itself, as you further the communication of the gospel message.

Catholic Home Missions Appeal – There are over 80 home mission dioceses in the United States.  These dioceses are unable to fund essential pastoral work, such as religious education, seminarian formation and lay ministry training.  Through your support, the Catholic Home Missions Appeal helps to ease the struggle of these dioceses and helps them form vibrant faith communities.

Black and Native American Missions – These funds support pastoral ministry, Catholic schools and religious education programs to Black & Native American evangelization programs in dioceses where these communities exist.  In our Diocese, we annually receive a grant from this collection to assist parishes in Neopit & Keshena in their outreach and service to People of the First Nation (Menominee Indian Tribe).

The Packers have given the parish an opportunity to sell tickets to the Packer’s Family Night prior to the tickets going on sale to the general public.  Family Night takes place on Saturday, August 2.  The tickets are $10 each and the parish will keep $4 per ticket sold for this fundraiser.  Please contact the parish office with your name, number of tickets you desire, and payment no later than Wednesday, July 9.  Please note: tickets go on sale to the general public on June 23.  There is no limit to the number of tickets you can request, but please do not try to resell the tickets. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Parish News & Notes … June 8, 2014

We have three new members of our parish family who are welcomed this weekend through the Sacrament of Baptism.  Congratulations to Ben & Amy Bertram on the Baptism of their son, Grant Edwin.  We also offer our congratulations to Casey & Angela Benson on the Baptism of their daughter, Kenzie Elizabeth.  Kenzie is also the granddaughter of parishioners Francis & Jean LeMieux.  Congratulations to Shaun & Sarah Yonts on the Baptism of their daughter, Cecilia Josephine.  These families desire to bring their child up in the Catholic faith.  They are the first and primary teachers of the faith, but the sacrament is also celebrated, at least partially, during the Mass so that these children and their families know they are also supported by our faith community while on this journey.  Please keep these families in prayer.

 The church cries out this day, "Come, Holy Spirit, come!  Veni, Sancte Spiritus! ¡Ven, Dios EspĂ­ritu Santo!"  In every language and dialect in the world, we beg that the Spirit of God may be poured out.  We look to God's Spirit for refreshment, comfort, and peace.

 The Pentecost mystery of many languages united by one Spirit didn't just happen in Jerusalem so many centuries ago.  One of the great beauties of the church is that many languages, nationalities, and peoples are united Sunday after Sunday in a great prayer of thanksgiving to the God who gives us every good gift.  It is the Spirit of Christ that makes us one, even as we pray that we "may be filled with his Holy Spirit, and become one body, one spirit in Christ".  The very fact the church gathers in so many languages is a great sign of the unifying action of the Holy Spirit.  We thank God for all the blessings poured out on us, each in our own tongue.  And rather than it being a cacophony, the Spirit weaves our prayer together as we cry out "Abba, Father," as Paul writes in his Letter to the Romans.

 If the Holy Spirit prompts us all—no matter what race, language, or nationality—to call upon God as our Father, then indeed the Spirit invites us to see others who are baptized as our brothers and sisters.  So on this great feast, think of all who are brother and sister to us because they too are baptized in Christ and call on God as Father: the Iraqi refugee in Jordan who fled from his church; the Dalit (Untouchable) Christian in India who is of the lowest caste; the illegal immigrant Catholic from Mexico; the homeless Christian in Chicago.  These, along with us, and many others, call upon one Father in the Holy Spirit.
©2010 Liturgical Publications Inc 

These children baptized today receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as part of their Baptism.  What a special day this is for all of us to celebrate both Pentecost and Baptism!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Parish News & Notes … June 1, 2014

The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese sent a thank you for your support in the amount of $538.60 for Operation Rice Bowl.  Seventy-five percent of the donation goes to Catholic Relief Services to support humanitarian aid projects to the poorest of the poor overseas and twenty-five percent stays within the Diocese to support programs that benefit migrants and refugees.  Your generosity is most appreciated.

A few months ago, while sorting through soup labels and box tops that were dropped off at church, a volunteer found a ring among the items.  We are not sure whether or not this ring is valuable, but since a necklace was found under the same circumstances last year, we want to be sure that if it is lost, it is returned to the rightful owner.  The value may not be so much monetary as sentimental.  So, if you are missing a ring, please call the parish to identify and claim.

Please be aware that Fr. Weber will be away for a majority of next week to attend the Norbertine Chapter.  Please keep Fr. Weber in prayer as he attends the retreat and business meetings with his fellow Norbertines.  We will not have morning Mass on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  The 8th grade graduation Mass will be celebrated at 6 pm on Wednesday, June 4th. All are welcome to attend.

The picnic is coming up fast—the weekend of June 28-29.  There are a lot of areas that need volunteer help and donations.  This is the largest fundraiser for the parish each year, and we can’t do it without your support.  Purchase or sell raffle tickets. Additional tickets are available in the parish office.  They sell for $5 each or 5 for $20.  If each family would either purchase or sell all 15 tickets, the parish could earn over $30,000 just from ticket sales!!  

Our fiscal year ends June 30.  Sacrificial giving has been in a negative status compared to budget for much of the year.  For the past few years, we have suggested that families support the parish in the amount of $720 annually, which breaks down to $60 per month or $15 per week.  We know that some people can’t afford that amount and some can afford to give more.  We are grateful for all the gifts received by the parish.  We are asking that you consider giving just $5 more next year or $725 annually.  If you give by electronic debit, and are below the $60 monthly threshold, could you consider contacting the parish office to authorize an increase?  Electronic giving is a safe and economical way to give to the parish.  You authorize a deduction to be taken from your bank account on either the 1st or 15th of each month (or both) and our bank handles the transactions so that the funds are seamlessly transferred from your account to the parish’s account.  If you are interested in learning more or to sign up, please call Lori in the parish office at 468-0595.  Thank you for your support of Holy Cross Parish!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Parish News & Notes … May 25, 2014

Alleluia, Alleluia … it is still the Easter season, and it now feels like spring & summer might be on the way! We hope you are enjoying these warmer spring days and pray that you take some time this Memorial weekend to rest, relax, and rejuvenate your spirits!

We offer our congratulations to all those graduating from grade school, high school, and college.  May your future be bright and fruitful!  God has blessed each of us with gifts, and as you discern the direction your life will take, please keep God as the center of your life.  If you are moving away, please look for a Catholic church to join in your new home town to nurture your faith life.

Just a reminder that our annual parish election of a new Temporal/Financial Trustee will take place next weekend, May 31 & June 1.  We will also have the selection of new Pastoral Council members.  We have four openings:  three 3-year terms and one 2-year term.  If you are interested in having your name placed in the hat, please contact the parish office at 468-0595.

Our cemetery committee members cleaned up our cemetery this week in anticipation of those who will put new flowers out for the summer/this Memorial weekend.  Old and faded or torn flowers and flags were properly disposed of.  There are some planters that contained dead or faded plants or were not in conformity with our cemetery rules.  If you are looking for a particular planter, there are a number of them along the north side of the church exterior for you to reclaim.  A summary of our cemetery rules regarding plants and monuments is set forth below:


RESTRICTIONS:  All flowers (artificial or real) must be in some type of urn.  Artificial flowers, wreaths, or other images/designs with wire inserts in ground are NOT PERMITTED and will be removed.  All urns MUST keep flowers six inches above ground and be able to withstand weedeater equipment.  All urns MUST be in line (side by side) with monument or marker.  These urns must be placed on top of the foundation for the monument.  Metal rectangle planters, separate from monument are NOT PERMITTED and will be removed.  Wreaths MUST be attached to the monument.  ONLY vases incorporated into the design of monument are permitted.  In-ground planting of flowers is NOT PERMITTED and will  be removed.  Faded or deteriorated flowers WILL BE REMOVED.  Trees and shrubs WILL NOT BE PERMITTED and will be removed unless approval is obtained from cemetery committee and/or the pastor.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

PARISH NEWS & NOTES … May 18, 2014

You may have noticed some changes around our properties:

1. We want to thank Jacob Zeise for the improvements he made in our school maintenance room and athletic storage room.  Jacob is working on his Eagle Scout award and chose to help our school by building shelving to make better use of the limited space in our school for storage.  

2. Thomas Kelly is also working on his Eagle Scout award and built a fence along the southern boundary of our parish cemetery.  He will be adding some flowering plants to beautify the area as well.  The composite board materials were donated by Lynie Vincent, and some of the leftover boards will be used to replace the sandbox on our school playground, as well as to build some benches.  The work would not have been completed if not for the leadership given by the Scouts and the generous donations of time and talent by their volunteers.  

3. Thanks to a generous bequest by a deceased parishioner, we have the funds to replace the Rectory roof, which was completed this week.  Hopefully we no longer have to worry about the bats, bees, and wasps that had taken up residence under the roof!
There are still a number of picnic raffle tickets that have not been picked up.  Please take your packet and either purchase or sell the tickets and return them to the parish office as soon as possible.  

Also on the table in the entrance are the free 8x10 pictures you may have ordered from Lifetouch for our parish directory, and there are a number of Confirmation pictures to be picked up.  Please check the table to see if there is anything there for you!!

The parish has very limited space for storage, and those spaces are quickly being filled up.  We have identified many items that we no longer need to retain, and we would like to hold a parish-wide rummage sale in mid-June, but we need some people to step forward to coordinate this sale.  If you can help, please contact the parish office at 468-0595.  

The parish picnic is coming up fast, and we need your donations of new items for the silent auction, baked goods, and time spent volunteering.  Watch the bulletin for further details about sign-up sheets.  You can drop off donations for the silent auction in the parish office.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parish News & Notes … May 11, 2014

Please extend a warm Holy Cross welcome to our newest parishioners: Brandon, Sarah & Chandler Doyle and Roxanne & Taylor Holda. We are glad that you have chosen to worship with our parish family.

 Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and all women who nurture their loved ones. We have a small gift for each mother to take home this weekend—something beautiful for you to help nurture and grow! We hope you are reminded of God’s love and the love that exists within your parish family as the flowers bloom this summer!

 We will hold our annual Trustee election and selection of new Pastoral Council members on the weekend of May 31-June 1. We have two excellent candidates for Financial/Treasurer Trustee: Al Herrman and Steve McDonnell. The Financial/Treasurer Trustee will serve a 2-year term, have check-signing authority, approve the parish budget along with the pastor and Pastoral/Secretary Trustee, and will be a member of the Parish Finance Council. Below you will find biographical information about our two candidates:

 Al Herrman has been a member of Holy Cross Parish since 1985. He recently retired from Wisconsin Public Service as Manager, Wholesale Services. Al is currently serving part-time as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council. Al has previously served as Pastoral/Spiritual Trustee, served on the Parish Council, Finance Committee, Vicariate, strategic planning and other parish committees. Al has served as a Lector and Eucharistic Minister. He has served as chair of the Picnic, Fish Dinners, and other events. Al and Lynn’s children are graduates of Holy Cross and Notre Dame. Al has served on various other Boards for several state and national organizations. Al has a BS from UW-Madison and MBS from UW-Green Bay.

 Steve McDonnell has been a member of Holy Cross Parish since 2013 when he and his wife, Pat, moved to Green Bay to be closer to family (Jamie, Jenny, Jack and Joe Strohmeyer). Steve writes, “Throughout my life I've believed that volunteering within your community is a wonderful way to give back. Most recently, I served 13 years as Trustee Treasurer and a member of both Parish Pastoral and Parish Finance Council at St. Joseph's Parish in Grafton, WI. In prior parishes I've had the opportunity to serve on Finance Committees as well as Parish Council President. For the last 30+ years, I've worked in banking and financial services, most recently as an Investment Advisory Representative.”

 If you are interested in serving on the Parish Pastoral Council, please contact the parish office at your earliest convenience to have your name included in the selection process.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 Bishop's Appeal: Sharing the Light of Christ

To make a gift today contact your parish, visit the Bishop’s Appeal website at, or call Debbie toll-free at 877-500-3580, ext. 8184.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Parish News & Notes … May 4, 2014

We offer our congratulations to the families of our newest members:  Jack Renard Gorbette, newly Baptized son of Eli & Neelie Gorbette (and the grandson of parishioners Eileen and Roger Jahnke); Sawyer Leo Thompson, newly Baptized son of Drs. Heather Stefaniak and Christopher Thompson; and Charlie  James Piontek, newly Baptized son of Brady and Renee Piontek.  As the first and primary teachers of the faith, our community will pray for and support you in this lifelong endeavor of raising your children in the Catholic faith.

Our sympathy to parishioners Katherine LeMieux and Frank & Jean LeMieux on the death of Tony LeMieux, who passed away last week.  Please keep them in prayer as they mourn the passing of their son and brother.

We congratulate parishioner, Debbie Roeder, who professed as a Third Order Secular Franciscan on March 18, 2014.  Debbie studied for more than two years in preparation for this step, and she will now live the Gospel simplicity as the Apostles and St. Francis did – with Jesus as the center of her life, listening to His teachings, and bringing the Good News of God’s love to everyone she meets.  Secular Franciscans are men and women, married and single, who live the Gospel simplicity in their homes without Religious Vows.  They make a life commitment to the Franciscan way of following Jesus.  Congratulations and blessings to Debbie and her husband, Bob, for supporting her in this ministry.

A huge thank you to parishioner, Carol Herman, who recently “retired” as an office volunteer in the Rectory after many years of faithful service.  Carol worked under pastors Fr. Tim Shillcox, Fr. Tom Hagendorf, and Fr. Mike Weber.  Carol volunteered three mornings a week answering the phone, filing, keeping up our sacramental records, making photocopies, preparing mailings to those in nursing homes, tracking sales of picnic raffle tickets and Football Mania tickets, and numerous other tasks.  Carol will be greatly missed, but we hope she enjoys her retirement in her new apartment at Moraine Ridge!!

This Friday, May 9, our parish will take its turn to provide a hot, nutritious meal to the hungry who come to the N.E.W. Community Shelter.  If you can help by making beef stew, jello, or bars, please sign up on the sheets in the church entrance or contact Kelli Vissers at or 255-7741.   This stew was a hit when served in our hot lunch program last week – why not get your kids to help make a batch or two – some to eat and some to share?!!  Thank you for your help.

Are you or a loved one a non-Catholic who has some questions about the Catholic faith?  Are you a young (or older) adult who has not been confirmed?  RCIA – the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – is a faith formation program that prepares people to join the Catholic faith and/or to be confirmed as a Catholic.  The program can take a year or more – as long as you need to feel comfortable making the commitment to become a Catholic.  You will learn about the teachings of the Catholic Church on a variety of topics geared to your areas of question or concern.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Lori in the parish office at 468-0595.  We will have our first meeting on Monday, May 19, from 6-7:30 pm in the school library.

Have you ever thought about holding a position in parish leadership?  Do you have a passionate support for Holy Cross Parish?  Do you have ideas that could help our parish live out the mission of the Catholic Church?  In late May or early June, we will hold an election for a new trustee/treasurer, selection of Pastoral Council members, and appointment of Finance Council members.  If you are interested in serving in one of these roles, please contact the parish office at 468-0595.  Watch for more information on the open positions in the coming weeks.

Our parish picnic is coming up on June 28th & 29th.  Raffle tickets will soon be in the church entrance (maybe even today!) – please pick up your packet as soon as possible so we won’t have to find volunteers to deliver them.  Then sell them or buy them yourself!  Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $20.  You can win any number of cash prizes, but you can’t win if you don’t purchase a ticket!  Return your ticket stubs and payment to the parish office or via the weekly collection.

Whether or not you are a parishioner, we invite you to pray at this church at times you feel comfortable. We, therefore, are open to your spiritual enrichment at this beautiful, historic church whenever you wish to enter. Unfortunately, because of security issues at other parishes that we’ve been made aware of recently, we have decided to place a locking system on our church doors.  A keypad entry system will soon be installed on the main church door (probably this coming week, but we are leaving the one door open for a week or so along with the notice to request a code if you need one.  It is our desire to assign a key code to anyone who wishes to make use of this sacred space.  Please contact the rectory during normal office hours at 468-0595 for further details.  Thank you for understanding.

May the peace and hope of the Easter Resurrection remain with you during this Easter season.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Parish News & Notes … April 27, 2014

This weekend at the 4 pm and the 10 am Masses, 22 children will receive the Body and Blood of Jesus for the first time.  This is a time of rejoicing with their parents and siblings; our First Communicants can now share fully at the table of the Lord.

It is our prayer that our children will know the deep joy of sharing in communion today and will want to share it often.  It is also our prayer that we adults can deepen our resolve to live the joy of Eucharist in our families and neighborhood, at work, and at play.  Together, may the presence of the risen Christ so permeate our lives that the world can be transformed into the Kingdom of God, a glimpse of which we experience every time we gather around the table of the Lord.  Congratulations to all our First Communicants!

First Communion Prayer
Dear Jesus,
Through bread and wine at the Last Supper, and by Your holy Word,
You gave the Eucharist to your church.
You transformed common food and drink into Your Body and Blood,
and offered us a share in Your life in ways we still cannot fully understand.
Grant now that these young people will always treasure the gift they have in
Give them the grace to be faithful to You
and to remain in communion with Your church.
As they receive their First Communion,
the Bread of Life and Cup of Salvation,
make them always aware of the hope they have for eternal life in You.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Parish News & Notes … April 20, 2014

We wish all of you a very Blessed Easter!  A warm welcome to all of you who are visiting and spending time with family on this special Feast Day!  We are an Easter people.  The Risen Christ is the center of our being.  We pray that all of you have a most blessed and peace-filled Easter season.

We warmly welcome the newest members of our parish community who were received into full communion on Holy Saturday:  Ed Armer, Tina Reignier, and Walt Tenor.  Ed Armer’s future daughter-in-law, Crystal  Friel, who is from Kalamazoo, Michigan, was also received into full communion at our celebration. Congratulations to all of you for your hard work as you prepared for this special day!

A very happy 100th birthday to our oldest parishioner, Millie Bouchard, who celebrated her birthday on April 12.  Millie is a resident of Anna’s House.  We wish you a year of blessings from the Lord!

Many, many thanks to all those who supported our Lenten soup suppers in any way—those who prepared the soups, set up, served, cleaned up, baked desserts, made salads, provided entertainment, and those who attended.  We received many wonderful comments about the soup suppers!  We earned nearly $1,200 from the 4 dinners.

The equipment for our new church security system has been ordered and will be installed in approximately two weeks.  You may have noticed that we are now locking the two outside doors and one of the middle doors.  The keypad will be installed on the center right door.  The church will be unlocked before and during the weekend Masses and select times during the week.  If you access our church outside of normal hours and wish toreceive a security code, please contact the parish office.  We will assign random 5-digit numbers and only ask that you provide us with your address and phone number so that we have a way to contact you in the event changes need to be made.  The rectory will also be equipped with a keypad; however, the office will be open during normal business hours, so no codes will be issued to anyone other than staff.  Thank you for your understanding as we  embark on this new process.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Cross students perform Stations of the Cross

Students from Holy Cross Catholic School re-enacted scenes from Stations of the Cross on Wednesday. (April 16, 2014)

About Holy Cross Catholic School
Located on the growing northeast side of Green Bay at the historic crossroads of Church and Bay Settlement Roads, Holy Cross Catholic School is the point at which faith, community and education converge. Holy Cross Catholic School has been in existence since 1868 and has an enrollment of over 170 students in grades EC-3/4K to 8th grade. Learn more at

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Save the date for the Walk to Mary

From Britney Heineman, a student at St. Norbert College working as a marketing and public relations assistant for the Walk to Mary:

The second annual Walk to Mary is fast approaching! The Walk to Mary is a 21 mile walking pilgrimage, with shorter routes available, held each year on the first Saturday of May. This year's event is being held on May 3rd. The pilgrimage begins at the National Shrine of St. Joseph at St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere, Wisconsin and concludes at the site of the first and only authenticated Marion apparition in the United States, the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wisconsin.

New this year is "Walk with the Children." As a result of suggestions from some families with younger children who would like to participate in the Walk to Mary, we have specifically implemented a segment of the Walk to Mary designed to accommodate Mary's youngest children - a 2 mile walk - the last 2 miles of the pilgrimage.  Thankfully this distance is also perfect for those individuals or families who would like to participate in the walk but are challenged to walk longer distances. You can download the Walk to Mary route map here-

If you never heard about the Walk to Mary please view last year's TV coverage of the event - Or check us out at

On October 9, 1859, the Holy Mother appeared to Sister Adele Brise on the site of the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help and gave her this message: "Gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation. Teach them their catechism, how to sign themselves with the sign of the Cross, and how to approach the sacraments; that is what I wish you to do." Inspired by the faith of Sister Adele, we continue to live out the instruction she received from Mary by educating children in the faith. Funds raised by the Walk to Mary will be used to support Catholic education.